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Experience real mafia life with gameplay that includes turf wars and daily battles in an epic struggle for power.

Zooming feature lets you travel all over the 360-degree, multi-angled map that’s so realistic it’s near virtual.

Professional Translation System makes game instructions and dialogue accessible to players of all languages worldwide.
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Rick Jacobson, aka Michael Allen, aka "Wyoming scammer" is at it again. He does NOT pay attantion to the badge "Verified order" (which means that TrustPilot contacted the client and verified the order manually) and still continues call ALL of the negative reviews fake ones :-) A great example:

And this is what Rickmichael has to say about it:

"This comment was posted by a fake reviewer who is a competitor. The dating software business is plagued with fake reviews from one specific competitor. We would never tell someone to go buy a competitors software. We would never talk to a customer this way but there's not much we can do about fake reviews. Anyone anywhere can post whatever they want and get away with it. This is just the nature of the business."

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