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Princess pp from a foulmouth

I gave a nice detailed report of an experience I had with a call and some goof off started calling me Princess Poopy Pants and I have no idea what this character was on. But when I replied to ask what it was talking about, my posts just disappeared and replaced with a "post pending moderation approval" posting. I would advise people to just stay away from this site because it is just goof offs there playing with people.
星期四, 一月 2, 2017

Disgraceful and Fake

This website is merely a rant collection for people who received an unwanted call and attracts all sorts of misfits. Posts are mostly trollers who seek attention and have arguments over who called and how to get even with telemarketers/scammers/debt collectors.

There are posts containing links to pornographic sites posted by people who claim someone sent them a link via text and posts these links. Others use vulgar language to describe an encounter with a scammer or angry telemarketer call.

Posters are able to post anything anonymously and don't need to register. There is no validation of any reported calls or if they are actual scams. Registered users will try to get personal information from anyone who claims to know who owns a phone number.
星期五, 更新卡信息 17, 2017

A Dishonest website

Calling it a "Reverse Phone Directory" is very misleading, as it is a complaint site where people report a story of an unwanted phone call. The stories range from a simple "no messages" to elaborate detailed experiences of a call and how the caller reacted. Some of these stories are so unrealistic, yet people debate over what should be done to stop these calls.

The debate stems from scam baiting to simple block/ignore strategies. The 'Regulars" battle with anyone who doesn't agree with their 'idea' on how to handle a call. They insult people and misdirect readers by making an assumption of what someone said and several of them harbor onto that assumption to discredit what someone said if they didn't agree. If someone insists on making their point with those 'Regulars", their posts are removed by putting them into a moderation queue, never to be approved.

If you try getting involved with any discussion in the forums and they don't agree with your opinions, you are labeled a troll, insulted, your posts removed and your left wondering what just happened.

Then there are people who post just for the fun of it and entice the 'Regulars' into a battle of wits and are labeled 'Shills' for the number they happened to post in or simply a troll.

You can't trust this site to have reliable data on any particular phone number, even though many people have reported genuine reports of scams and shady marketing or debt collection practices.
星期四, 更新卡信息 2, 2017

800notes - A Phony Directory (falsified data)

I am a victim of abuse from members of 800notes and write this review as a warning to anyone with a phone listing. As many of us know there is a big problem with scams, telemarketing and other unwanted calls. Many people turn to the internet as a means to find who may have called them.

There are numerous 'Phone Directory' sites listing visitor's reports from various types of calls. One of these sites, 800notes, had a number i recognised with incorrect calls reported for scams. Under this number's thread there were several different reports of scams, some stating they called and got a "number not in service' or the caller wouldn't give them any information about the company. All were false, as it was my brother's number who uses it for emergencies only and no one has called it for several years.

When contacting 800notes thru their "Contact Us" link, I explained how the reports for our number could only be fakes and please remove those false reports. I left an email address, but there was never any reply. I even tried reaching out thru the Number's thread only to be attacked by members, calling me a shill and using very rude behavior. They didn't verify anything, but they pretended they did and accused me of being a scamer attemptung to do 'damage control', whatever that was supposed to mean. They claimed the number was all over the internet as a scam number. I could not find anything other than what was on 800notes website.

While it is a known fact that scammers use business numbers and fake numbers to hide their true CID, by "spoofing", BUT real people reporting calls would not claim they called this number back and talked to someone, as there are no phone records of an incoming call for 28 months on our number. After explaining this, our posts about this were removed (Post pending moderator approval), then a few hours later deleted completely. The fake posts remained.

I wasn't able to get a screen shot before they deleted my posts, so i decided to research this site and write this review/report. While visiting that site, I witnessed a similar issue another person was having and took a screenshot (posted on ripoff.com) of the behavior of the members at that site. Looking around the site at random numbers , I found a pattern of behavior these members trend there. They encourage people to report negative calls, but discourage any positive reports, calling them a shill and ganging up on them, with several other members like bullies in an alley.

I've seen posts were they advise people they dont have to pay a debt collector or worry about any debt, because nobody can legally do anything about it. This is a very deceptive website and I have to wonder how many Companies lose business because of the false/ misleading information these people project about their number to unsuspecting visitors, without validating any information from the reports posted. They will claim they cant be resposible because they have a "legal safe harbor' and you wont be able to legally force them to remove false postings.

I did a search for 'Reviews for 800notes' and found some interesting to read. You should go check to see if your number(s) have been posted to be certain business is not being diverted away from you by misleading false posts!

[Tip for consumers]: Avoid this site if your looking for reliable information. If you just want a place to vent frustrations over a phone call, its what this place does best, but disgruntled people don't always tell the truth!
星期四, 十一月 3, 2016
800notes reviews
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