Nevio RGearBest的点评


I'm buying at Gearbest e-store for several years. Had expirience and can say that from my point of view they are excellent. A lot of products offered, nicely organized with appropriate description and pictures. Lot of discounts, free coupons and acceptable prices. Good value for money.
During past years I never had any issue regarding missleading product advertize or wrong items delivery. Gearbest customer service show a high level of understanding and professionalism. At few ocassions they efficiently solved some delivery problems connected with post service.
I'm very satisfied buying on Gearbest and usualy I always find some needed product for my purpose.
Also, they have stimulating points system giving a way to buy items at lower price.
Once again, Gearbest is giving good value for money and it's pleasant to buy on Gearbes.
星期一, 二月 15, 2019

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