Kuro Nekko

Kuro Nekko



Great selection for great prices

I've been shopping with Gearbest.com for about 3 years. They have become my main source for gadgets ranging from electronics to outdoor gear. I have bought everything from USB cables, knives, flashlights, to a drone from Gearbest. Customer support is very responsive and offer fair solutions. GB often has inventory on new products before many others so it's a good place to get something before many others can. Great place for parts too. Prices are also great especially when things are on flash sale. Gearbest also offers a points system for discounts as well.
My only issues with Gearbest is the rather long shipping if you get the basic free shipping. It's better to pay a little to get something much faster than the very slow free shipping. Another issue I've had is that Gearbest will sometimes sell items that their suppliers can't get in inventory. This can cause delays so check the seller and warehouse location for faster processing and shipping.
Overall, a great place to get gadgets that people will be asking about!

Last Order:
Order #: 19051200902209540782
Date: 12/05/2019
Xtar 4 USB Port Smart Fast Charger
星期二, 六月 13, 2019

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